The Day Is Coming

Hello Readers!

I can’t seem to stop humming this song lately:

Maybe it’s because the day is dawning, the day is near, the day is coming, you know what I mean? Or maybe it’s because it’s a freakishly catchy song.

But seriously, I am leaving in 36 hours.

I revised the blog post below, putting slashes through the accomplished to-do list items. I have to say, even though it’s not entirely complete I feel really relieved that even this much got done. Two days ago, I was rushing from mall to mall, store to store, dropping hundreds of dollars on parkas and boots and long johns for the frigid winter I will eventually live in, almost completely forgetting about the few months of warm weather that I should also be prepared for. Last night, I had a lovely pile in the middle of the living room, complete with clothes, toiletries, classroom supplies, electronics, gifts for my host family, and everything else I will need in Georgia. Here it is:

Also pictured: Stella, who unfortunately will not be in coming with me

I went to bed with a sense of dread over the daunting task of actually turning the pile into an organized couple of bags. And okay, I may have also been sort of nervous about leaving the country for ten months, so I fell asleep extremely late. I woke up around 10 A.M. with a pretty significant to-do list left (transfer music to iPod, clean car, etc.) and packing at the forefront of my mind. Then I saw this:

One large suitcase, One carry-on suitcase, One large backpack, and a purse.

My genius mother packed the pile in my sleep! She not only fit everything, including my knee length coat, picture books of my hometown, winter hats, and more, but she managed to fit my tall boots so I could wear my more comfortable Vans on the plane. I mean, seriously? I probably would have ended up crying over the pile after twenty minutes of unsuccessful “tetris.”

I have about 24 waking hours left in Washington State. Tonight, I will go to a friend’s Birthday party and say goodbye all over again. Tomorrow, I will eat my last American breakfast with my family before Mom drives me to Seattle. I will meet up with my sister, we will eat dinner, she’ll take a “nap,” and we will go to the airport around 3 in the morning.

Then starts a horrendous 36 hours of travel. I will fly SeaTac to Chicago, where I will have a 7 HOUR LAYOVER, then I will fly Chicago to Warsaw, a fabulous 4 hour layover, and then Warsaw to Tblisi. I fly out at 5:42 AM local time on October 1st, and land at 4:00 PM local time on October 3.

I don’t know how much time/Internet I will have at orientation, but I will see you all on the other side!

Wish me luck and safe travels, please?

-Kacie Riann


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