About Teaching in Georgia

Georgia is a pretty unknown country, but the teaching program there is growing at an alarming rate. Here are some links that helped me in my decision to apply, my research on the country, and walking me through the process!

The best information can be found on the official TLG (Teach and Learn with Georgia) Website. There is a fabulous FAQ, country guide, and it will connect you to their official blog and Facebook page.  TLG is the employer in Georgia.

You can apply directly through TLG, or you can use a recruiting agency. I used Footprints Recruiting because I wanted a liaison that operated on the same timezone as me. Additionally, the same recruiting agency sent my sister to South Korea successfully.

I learned a lot about what to expect from the program and Georgian culture by joining the Facebook group Georgian Wanderers, which connects TLG employees, Peace Corps volunteers, expats, and travelers in Georgia.

Finally, far and above the best blog I have found about a foreign experience in Georgia is Georgia On My Mind. Neal Zupancic has prepared me as much as one could be prepared by only reading!

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