Health, Holidays, and Homesickness

Hello Readers,

It’s been over a week since my last post, and in that time not too much has happened. I spent last weekend sick in bed and scrapped my plans to go to Turkey this weekend for a myriad of reasons, so I have been chilling in the village for WAY too long. This coming weekend, I am going to Batumi with my host family, so at least I know escape is imminent.

It’s not that I don’t like the village, but I need a change of scenery because the inevitable has happened: I have begun my first bout of homesickness, and it’s a strong one. Last Friday, my family saw the end of a three year battle when my parents formally adopted my 3 nephews, who I can now call my brothers.

This is my entire family, minus me, on adoption day celebrating

Jesse (right), Hunter (left), and Matty (middle) have been living with my parents for three years, but the interference from the government and the ambiguity of the situation was beyond frustrating. It was really hard to lay in my sick bed and watch the cute Facebook posts and pictures pile up, knowing that I was missing from this very important time in my family history. (You can read more about my family in my other blog, Kacie’s Kinship, which is currently on hiatus.)

As I recovered from my illness I was thankful to have a short week at school, punctuated by the St. George’s Day holiday on Friday. This perfectly coincided with two events: Thanksgiving at home, and my friend Daniel’s Birthday. In Georgia, Birthdays are often celebrated with a “supra,” a grand feast with wine, endless toasts, dancing, and more wine. Daniel’s host family threw him a supra and all of the TLGv’s in our district were able to attend. It was the perfect Thanksgiving substitute!

Here are the lovely folks I have been spending all of my English-speaking hours with… 7 Americans, 1 Englishman, and 1 Irishman

This feast was a BLAST. I was served all of my favorite Georgian dishes at once, and in a country where many meals consist of just cheese and bread, it was a real treat to be fed meat, vegetables, fruit, and dessert. And did I mention the wine? SO MUCH WINE. Everytime we would drain a carafe, Daniel’s host mother would sneakily refill it. Part of the tradition of the supra is to toast many things: peace, the dead, family, Georgia, food, wine, friendship, and of course a toast to the Birthday boy. As the meal was dominated by American’s, we also saw fit to toast the things we are thankful for. As you can imagine, this led us to drink more than enough wine!

Here’s to wine! Here’s to Georgia, the country that “invented wine!”

The supra started at 4 pm, and by 10 pm we figured it was high time to head home. That put me at home right around 11:30 pm, or 11:30 am in Bellingham. Despite the amazing feast I had just had, I nearly cried during a Skype session with my family imagining the meal they were about to have as an official family.

Thanksgiving starts kind of an insane catalyst of Holidays in my family. Jenna’s Birthday is Dec. 3, mine is the 7th, and Jesse’s is the 10th. Then, of course, we have Christmas and New Year’s. This is my first time being away from home for the Holidays and it is really difficult for me, especially with the added “holiday” of the boys adoption.

A super attractive picture of me and my family, spending Thanksgiving together the best way we know how!

Overall, I know I will survive this rough patch, but it doesn’t make it any easier when you’re living through it. If my contract gets extended and I stay in Georgia until July, I will spend Christmas and New Year’s in Western Europe, which is not home, but will be a refreshing vacation. If my contract doesn’t get extended, I will leave Georgia in late January, and will know throughout the Holidays that my time is short, and I will soon be reunited with my amazing family.

For the record, I want my extension to be approved, but TLG seems to be taking their sweet time deciding. We shall see!

Happy Holidays everyone!

-Kacie Riann

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  1. Jenna

     /  November 25, 2012

    We miss you too Kacie! 🙂 I know the holidays are tough, but it’ll be a year from now before you know it, and it’ll be like you were never even gone. Just enjoy this adventure while you are on it. Everyone will still be here when you get back. And besides, the fb posts and photos only show the highlights. The boys are currently stampeding around the house and screaming, so really, you’re not missing much 🙂

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