And Then It Got Real

Hello Readers,

Even though this is my first post, this is not the beginning of my journey to Georgia.

I have been tentatively planning to go to Georgia for months, since before graduation, but in that post-grad summer excitement I continued that horrid habit that I wrongly believed was only associated with school: procrastination.

Do as the cookie says

I rolled my departure date twice while I gathered the necessary documents, background checks and reference letters, lazily accomplishing the paperwork one piece at a time.

And then it got real: today, I finished the application.

The final piece of the puzzle was a YouTube video introduction, meant to act as sort of a one-sided interview about why I want to teach English in Georgia. If you can imagine, it was even more awkward to make than it would be to have an actual sit down interview with a potential employer. Here, watch and cringe with me:


It may seem kind of last second to just now get my documents in, but things move at a breakneck pace at “Teach and Learn with Georgia” (TLG). I actually turned my paperwork in with 2 days to spare! My projected departure date is September 30th, but I could leave within three days in either direction of that.

Despite my impending departure, I still know very little about exactly what my time in Georgia will entail. I will not know where I am placed, who my host family is, and what ages I will be teaching until I arrive in Georgia. I won’t even know my flight details until my ticket is emailed to me (as little as 3 days in advance).

Even though I am teetering on the threshold of the unknown, I feel more secure in my plans than I have in months. I have spent months convincing everyone who would listen that I really am going through with this, and now there’s nothing holding me back. The proper paperwork is in, I have put my two weeks notice in at work, I have made a Facebook event for my going away party and I made a post on the blog. There’s no turning back.

You and me both…

My journey feels like it has really begun now, I hope you’ll stick around to see what happens!

-Kacie Riann

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  1. Dennis

     /  September 13, 2012

    We will miss you, but at the same time we’re very excited for the new adventures that await you! Dad


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